Monday, March 30, 2009

Keita Eden is on the scene

In keeping up with Backout Video news, I just had to let yall know that I just did a shoot with the lovely Keita Eden. Let first say OH BOY.........this young lady was a joy to work with. I really mean that.........She was very much into the scene and her personality just comes off so well on camera. When you see her, you will understand Keita is not faking on camera. Jackimo Blacc and Keita put in one of the hottest scenes I have ever shot. I rank this one up in the top 5. Real Talk!

Backout Video is on the move gang, so please continue to support our brand and we will continue to bring you what you want.

Its funny because when I started this company a few years ago, I had a vision of what I wanted to accomplish. And its wild because I Backout Video is one if not the hottest, most consistent, companies on the east coast. And with success comes the pitfalls of hate and I herd that I only move 300 units from someone........WOW.... And when I herd it I was like how is that even possible to do and stay in business. Then I thought......oh I see, because I have a few directors that are still building their brands moving those type of numbers, (*which by the way are not bad numbers) , then Backout Video must only be doing that. Come on now! lol....... Backout Video is setting the standard for companies to follow if they want to be successful. Real Talk..............WHO is doing it better right now? 300 units.........NIGGA PLEASE..........Get money Fuck them haters.

Backout Video

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh Carina.....

Whats up gang,

Just wanted to say what up and let everyone know that Carina Diazz has been putting in a lot of work for all her fans so that when her site drops it will be worth paying to see. Im sure you will love every min of it.

Backout Video

Backout News

Backout Video is on the move. 2009 is going very well thus far. With the addition of Carina Diazz we are really making some noise. I have never seen so much interest in someone since the great Pinky. I want to thank everyone for there continued support, and trust me we gotcha ya covered on with the hottest big booty flicks on the planet.

I stoped by one of my stores today who sell our movies to catch up a bit and talk biz, and I asked him........"Who are the people asking for". His response was............Pinky, Roxy Reynolds, and Cherokee.........So that tells me that as much as people say they want to see new chicks, these 3 fine young ladies have continued to hold the crown as the face of urban porn, So for that we must show respect. Im so happy to see how these young ladies have continued to maintain a huge fan base for some time now. So keep grinding ladies, we got love for ya!

Backout Video

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Ass We Trust, Vol 3.........on deck drops very soon

What up,
Well..............well..........well............2009 is going great for Backout now you should know that the name has changed from the previous company. No not out of business, just growing. With the AVN nomination that kind of put the world on notice that we are on the move and wont be stoped. We got a lot stronger this year.

Now with the new First Lady "Carina Diazz" on the scene, we are focused on making her the next star in the adult world. The adult industry has changed and companies now have to change their business plan and the way they service consumers.
Now on deck................"In Ass We Trust, Vol 3", staring, Milian Blu, Adina Jewell, Pursajon, and Pinky...... This movie is going to be a "Banger," Im raising the bar on this one guys. This line up is sick.......sick...sick. And every scene is nothing but heat. All the fans of the IN ASS WE TRUST series will love this one as its filled with fine women puting it down. None of that crap you see in these other flicks. You know my stuff is REAL.....

Directed by, Kevin Kash, who directed the "AVN" nominated banger "Freaks Wit Cheeks". The edit was done by Brandon Longwood, who did the box design, and editing on the AVN nominated title Freaks Wit Cheeks. So you can see the movement is on and poping. Lots of opportunity for cats to get their product out to the world. So if you serious about putting something out on the street.................get with us.

So fans thanks for all the support you have given the brand, as we have experienced growth while others are falling apart. Its all because your support allows us to keep giving you what you want, not what we think you want.....

Backout Video

Friday, February 13, 2009

Carina Diazz is now in the building

What up peeps,

Well the ink is dry and its a go! Carina Diazz is now the First Lady of Backout Video. Carina has one of the best personalities I have ever seen. She is 100% real, and thats what really drew me to her. She is also a very savey business woman which is very important if you want to get anything out of this business. So welcome to the Carina Diazz Experience.......... This is huge for the company, I remember when I was just trying to get my company together and now to being able to sign an exclusive girl to take us to the next level, It feels good.

Carina is going to bring a fresh look to the biz, and desire to give her all on camara and to her fans. So stay tuned as things kick into overdrive.............Oh and by July she will on your mind on a regular. Thanks for all your support as we strive to become the "BEST URBAN ADULT COMPANY".

Monday, February 9, 2009

Detriot Freaks 2 is on the streets!

National —
LB Productions & Back Out Video released “Detroit Freaks 2,” the latest addition to the “Detroit Freaks” series, starring Alana Moore and Sweet Sinsacion, on DVD."Detroit Freaks 1" with Ayana Angel got such positive feedback that we've had to drop a second edition" Alana Moore and Sweet Sinsacion are two of the hottest black porn stars in the game and were a pleasure to work with."

Directed by Pimpin Wil, the film also stars several newbies from the Detroit area.

“Detroit Freaks 2” is available in stores now.

For more information, contact