Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backout News

Backout Video is on the move. 2009 is going very well thus far. With the addition of Carina Diazz we are really making some noise. I have never seen so much interest in someone since the great Pinky. I want to thank everyone for there continued support, and trust me we gotcha ya covered on with the hottest big booty flicks on the planet.

I stoped by one of my stores today who sell our movies to catch up a bit and talk biz, and I asked him........"Who are the people asking for". His response was............Pinky, Roxy Reynolds, and Cherokee.........So that tells me that as much as people say they want to see new chicks, these 3 fine young ladies have continued to hold the crown as the face of urban porn, So for that we must show respect. Im so happy to see how these young ladies have continued to maintain a huge fan base for some time now. So keep grinding ladies, we got love for ya!

Backout Video

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