Monday, March 30, 2009

Keita Eden is on the scene

In keeping up with Backout Video news, I just had to let yall know that I just did a shoot with the lovely Keita Eden. Let first say OH BOY.........this young lady was a joy to work with. I really mean that.........She was very much into the scene and her personality just comes off so well on camera. When you see her, you will understand Keita is not faking on camera. Jackimo Blacc and Keita put in one of the hottest scenes I have ever shot. I rank this one up in the top 5. Real Talk!

Backout Video is on the move gang, so please continue to support our brand and we will continue to bring you what you want.

Its funny because when I started this company a few years ago, I had a vision of what I wanted to accomplish. And its wild because I Backout Video is one if not the hottest, most consistent, companies on the east coast. And with success comes the pitfalls of hate and I herd that I only move 300 units from someone........WOW.... And when I herd it I was like how is that even possible to do and stay in business. Then I thought......oh I see, because I have a few directors that are still building their brands moving those type of numbers, (*which by the way are not bad numbers) , then Backout Video must only be doing that. Come on now! lol....... Backout Video is setting the standard for companies to follow if they want to be successful. Real Talk..............WHO is doing it better right now? 300 units.........NIGGA PLEASE..........Get money Fuck them haters.

Backout Video

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